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For Quality Repair Work at a Great Price, Look no Further than Mazda Granby

Accidents can happen to even the best of us. When they do, Mazda Granby’s expert team of auto body repair staff can help you get your Mazda back in shape and looking better than ever before. Whether it’s a small nick or a major perforation, Mazda Granby’s auto body repair staff will do everything they can to get your Mazda back in perfect condition. We know that your vehicle deserves only the very best, and that’s what we’re committed to giving you at Mazda Granby.

Rights of the Insured

After your vehicle has been in an accident, far too many insurance companies will refer you to an independent mechanic, and actually recommend against a dealership-affiliated repair shop. However, only experts trained and certified in the repair of Mazda vehicles will be able to give your vehicle the necessary attention to its specific needs after an accident or fender bender. Remember: only you have the right to decide how and where you’ll get your vehicle repaired after it’s been damaged – the insurance company’s recommendations are only recommendations. Mazda Granby’s repair staff have been exhaustively trained on Mazda vehicles and their unique SKYACTIV engine system. At Mazda Granby, we know Mazda vehicles inside and out!

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